Why John Gay & Associates?

Why John Gay & Associates?

Since 1980, Dr. Gay has assisted over 4,200 medical professionals; of which 2,900 plus are optometrists and over 450 are ophthalmologists, with their business and personal financial needs.

He has personally conducted over 1,900 ophthalmic practice appraisals for buy/sell and estate purposes. Additionally, he has assisted in the buying and/or selling of over 1,400 ophthalmic practices to date, including assistance with an ophthalmic company appraisal and buy/sell valued at more than $26 million.

Dr. Gay has helped to build more than 368 million dollar optometric practices; fifty one (51) of which are a single location with a single practitioner, and around 124 two-million dollar optometric practices.

We are known to double or triple the revenue of a doctors’ practice within fourteen (14) to eighteen (18) months from the date practice management procedures are implemented.

As a team of specialists from various areas of expertise, we provide comprehensive, competent and effective service to all aspects of a successful medical practice.