Welcome To John Gay & Associates

Welcome To John Gay & Associates

We are known to double or triple the revenue of a doctors’ practice within eighteen (18) to thirty three (33) months from the date practice management procedures are implemented. As a team of specialists from various areas of expertise, we provide comprehensive, competent and effective service to all aspects of a successful medical practice.

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Dr. John Gay entered the Medical/Dental consulting field since leaving a political career in 1975. He served as an administrative aid for the late Senator Dirksen and as a staff aide to Presidents Nixon and Ford.

Over a period of time, John assembled a group of specialists in various fields of professional and business expertise to assist him with his nationwide consulting assignments. His considerable experience in the field of practice management, combined with the superior skills of his associates, have given this company a unique ability of analyzing and meeting every need of a professional enterprise.

Since 1980, Dr. Gay has assisted over 3,500 medical professionals; more than 2,300 are optometrists, over 450 are ophthalmologists, over 400 dentists, with the balance being MDs in various other persuasions with their business and personal financial needs.

Additionally, he has personally conducted over 1,600 practice appraisals for buy-sell and estate purposes, assisted in the buying and/or selling of over 1,000 ophthalmic practices, and he has helped to build over 368 million dollar optometric practices to date.

A widely sought-after writer and lecturer on practice management, John Gay has taught numerous seminars and spoken at many International, National, Regional, State and Local Associations or Academies on topics related to the importance of sound practice management principles to the success of medical professionals and their practices. He has been the owner or co-owner of five Eyecare Centers. Dr. Gay was a distinguished faculty member of the AOA Practice Management University.